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Top Features to Include While Developing a Food Delivery App

The on-demand economy is growing dramatically with the introduction of new industries. Out of all, Food is one such industry that has established its seeds in this economy at the initial stage and got huge benefits. Some of the most popular food delivery apps such as Foodpanda, UberEats, Zomato, Swiggy, etc. have changed how people order food. These applications allow individuals to order food from anywhere and anytime. With the Covid-19 (coronavirus) crisis, everything changed overnight. People want to stay away from being infected by a coronavirus. That’s why online food ordering and delivery apps have become more popular. People can order food online from their favourite restaurant from the comfort of their homes and get food delivered right at their doorstep. And that’s super cool. If you are also planning to join the online food industry thinking of on-demand food delivery app development, then this is the ideal time. And the proof of this is the accomplishment of startups like Ub

How to Launch a Successful Application in The Market?

In this modern world where technology is king, mobile applications have become a success factor for a myriad number of businesses. The extravagant utilization of apps has forced small to large businesses to launch their own business applications on both platforms, Android and iOS. Thus, this leads to high competition, and unfortunately, it isn't that easy to stay ahead of your competitors that already have a business app. Every day, many applications are launched on Play Store and App Store, but among them, only a few of them turned out to be successful. In the current situation, only building up the mobile app with the latest features isn't enough. It requires an amazing design, bug-free coding, an effective launch strategy, and much more. Launching an application on the Play store is easy but for the App Store, if iOS developers do not follow the guidelines then the chances of rejection might augment. Hence, in order to meet all the requirements, you must partner with a relia

Grow Your Multi-Services Business With Gojek Clone App

The world is dealing with a coronavirus situation right now and individuals avoid going outside of their homes as much as they can. To conveniently provide goods and services directly to their doorsteps, many offline vendors have begun developing their own mobile apps to serve customers in a better manner. And now it is the ideal time for startups and entrepreneurs to take a step into the development of a multi-service app like Gojek. The GoJek application is a blend of 40+ on-demand services in a single application. Started in Indonesia in 2010, the GoJek app began as a simple transportation service that unseated Uber as the top position in the market. Following the success of GoJek, many entrepreneurs wanted to recreate the equivalent app for their endeavor and earn profits. The Gojek clone app has work in 3 significant parts: Rides Delivery Services For the Rides When customers open the application, they see 3 options. If they want to book a cab, they simply click on the ride option

Top Benefits of Using React Native App Development Services

React Native is an open-source mobile app development framework that developers use to build up cross-platform apps much faster and cost-effectively. React Native is created by social media giant Facebook is a JavaScript framework for creating mobile applications for both platforms, Android & iOS. If you are looking to develop an app for your business, React Native can be an ideal option. Here are the top benefits of utilizing React Native: Easy to learn: React Native has been the best and easy to utilize compare with other frameworks available in the market right now. Reusability of the code: Be it Android or iOS, React Native uses a single codebase for both platforms. Code once used can be reused for development.  Different operating systems are being covered by this framework: You can actually develop a single application using React Native for two different platforms, iOS and Android. Future is bright of this framework: With the growing popularity of this framework, this wi