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Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends For 2020

The mobile app development industry is one area that continues refining consistently. Have a look at the top mobile app development trends that will dominate 2020. Smartphones have become a lifeline for every individual. Living a few days without a mobile is a kind of bad dream for many. Even when mobile was first launched, no one realized it becomes a very vital part of our life. Today, more than half the population of the world are utilizing smartphones. With the greater part of the total population engaged in mobile, there's been a consistent growth of mobile app development. From playing games to listening to music to placing an order for food or book a taxi, a mobile application has made our life more comfortable. This tremendous popularity of mobile apps makes for an open door for new businesses to emerge and make names through business applications. In 2020, several mobile app development companies will make the most of the popular trends in mobile app development. So

Why Choose AngularJs For Web and Mobile App Development

Developed by the tech giant, Google, AngularJS is one of the most popular open-source frameworks. The brand name related to Google and its notoriety makes easy to trust for anyone planning web app development. When it comes to making dynamic, interactive web apps with complex logic, Angular is the most ideal choice for the front-end framework. Once the application begins to work on AngularJS, as a non-technical business owner, minor changes can be easily made. Another advantage of this open-source JavaScript framework is without any developer assistance you can modify the web application as needed; only a single developer is adequate for the help and maintenance of the web app. Throughout the most recent couple of years, AngularJS has advanced and it is now flexible, completely extendable, and functions well with other libraries. Further, it simplifies as well as speeds up the development procedure. XongoLab Technologies in India has proved to be a valuable provider of AngularJS d

Why Android Should Be The Best Choice For Mobile App Development?

Android is a popular mobile OS created by Google. It was initially designed for running on touchscreen phones but today it is being utilized in almost all sorts of smart devices. Taking over around 85% of the Global Market, Android is the most famous operating software. Despite the fact that Apple was the first to introduce the idea of a touchscreen. The businesses consider it as the most promising platform because of its high performance. Several companies have utilized Android to leverage high benefits and incomes due to its high popularity, and an enormous customer base. Its Open-source platform makes possible for anyone to utilize its features and develop applications. Below are the reasons why businesses should consider Android for app development. High popularity As mentioned above that this platform shares more than 80% of the Global Market. Android has the upside of being very user-friendly thus the number of users with Android devices is rising. The number of app downloa