How Much Does it Cost To Develop an App in 2021?

How much would it cost to develop a mobile app? As business owners or non-technical people, that question is comes to your mind so many times. right?

So in this post, I am going to break down the strategy to calculate the exact cost to build an app.

There is no exact number to decide the exact cost of creating a mobile app. There are many factors that play a key role in the cost of developing an application.

Individuals pay $5000 to above $50000 to build a mobile app for their business. Some applications are very complex that's why they are costly and some are less complex thus less costly. So how mobile app development company calculate the cost of creating a mobile app? let's check out.

mobile app development cost

UI/UX Design

The moment you talk about mobile app development, the words UI and UX are utilized quite a lot. But what do these words mean? UI stands for user interface and UX stands for user experience. Mobile applications are a substantially more personalized platform than a website because a myriad number of people around the world spend more time using their smartphones as compared to the website. So neat and clean UX design is vital to attract more users to your application.

Features and Functionalities of App

The cost of developing any mobile app relies upon what features and functionality you want to integrate into your app. A basic mobile app with minimum features has a lower cost compared to an app full of features and functionalities like Instagram. The more features you include in your application higher the cost it will be. So many mobile app development companies suggest launching your app with the necessary features.

Native App vs Hybrid App

When you make inquiries to the best mobile app development services provider company they will definitely ask you whether you want to build up a native app or hybrid app.

As a user, you might not aware of what is native or hybrid? The main difference between a native and hybrid app is coding which is utilized to develop an application.

Creating Native applications requires a different language for each OS. Native Android apps use JAVA and native iOS apps use swift or objective c.

On the other hand, a hybrid app uses HTML 5, JavaScript, PHP, CSS, etc. and it's not dependent on the OS. Thus, developing a hybrid app is cost-effective and faster than developing a native app. But, Native apps perform a little better than hybrid apps.


Mainly there are 2 platforms that are very popular, Android and iOS. An android app only runs on an Android device and an iOS app runs on an Apple device. Android applications can be built up and tested on the majority of devices. But the iOS app requires only apple products like MacBook and iMac. Therefore, developing iOS apps cost you a little more than Android apps.

Domain, Hosting, and SSL

To start the process of the mobile app you will require to buy three things. Domain, hosting, and SSL, in simple words domain is the name of your app.

Hosting a server imparts space to store the data and files of your app. Domain, hosting and SSL have to be renewed every year so your application can run without any issue.

Play Store vs Apple Store

Once your mobile app is developed it needs to upload to the app market. The iOS app needs to be uploaded on the App Store and the Android app needs to upload on the Play Store. For that, you must pay a one-time fee to open an account. After paying this one-time fee, you can start uploading apps to Google Play Store. The cost of uploading an app on the Play Store is cheaper than uploading an app on the Apple App Store.

To sum up

This blog has all the information about the cost of mobile app development, but it is advised that no blog could give you an exact amount for creating an app, it totally depends on UI/UX design, features, functionalities, mobile app development company you hire, and many more.


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