Why Android Should Be The Best Choice For Mobile App Development?

Android is a popular mobile OS created by Google. It was initially designed for running on touchscreen phones but today it is being utilized in almost all sorts of smart devices. Taking over around 85% of the Global Market, Android is the most famous operating software. Despite the fact that Apple was the first to introduce the idea of a touchscreen.

The businesses consider it as the most promising platform because of its high performance. Several companies have utilized Android to leverage high benefits and incomes due to its high popularity, and an enormous customer base. Its Open-source platform makes possible for anyone to utilize its features and develop applications. Below are the reasons why businesses should consider Android for app development.

High popularity
As mentioned above that this platform shares more than 80% of the Global Market. Android has the upside of being very user-friendly thus the number of users with Android devices is rising. The number of app downloads from the play store for Android applications is much higher than that of other OS.

Compatible with various devices & technology
Many businesses these days incline toward utilizing various processors and technologies. It is easy for developers to utilize the Android platform for various technologies for mobile app development because it is flexible. The utilization of programming language like Java makes it possible to port native Android applications to other OS like Ubuntu, Chrome OS. With the introduction of Kotlin, developers now have alternatives to choose a programming language for the development of apps. Android supports both Java and Kotlin smoothly; comparative apps can be coded by utilizing Java and Kotlin also.

android for mobile app development

Open-source & affordable
Android is an open-source platform suggesting that it isn't just limited to the Android market and this is a prime advantage it has over other platforms. Any app developer can utilize Android to build up an app for free, which encourages developers to be innovative.

Much more to explore
Unlike iOS, Android doesn't force strict policies and rules on the developers. Android imparts flexibility and facilitates developers so they can accomplish their desired outcomes and develop creative apps. It likewise permits the developers to work with the latest technologies like Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT), etc.

Easy installation & functioning
Android app development has the advantage of easy installation and smooth working so it can reach more and more users. It is easy for app developers to utilize Android because of the facilities given by its tools with easy fixing, improving and updating. It guarantees that users can install and access their apps without any trouble, which can serve the business.

Integration with social apps
Application developers can earn great benefits from social applications. One of the main reasons why Android is the choice of numerous businesses is its easy optimization with social apps which helps them to augment high revenues quicker. It can without much of a stretch be incorporated with a wide scope of social networks Thus, for businesses keen on going social, the best choice for you.

Wrapping up
It is true that Android applications have brought revolutionary changes the way how entrepreneurs are doing business. Therefore, it would be great to hire Android app developers to get the maximum value from the Android platform to grow the business beyond the limits. Do you have an android app idea to build up a business application? Get a consultation from the best Android app development company in India.


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