Top 5 Mobile App Development Trends For 2020

The mobile app development industry is one area that continues refining consistently. Have a look at the top mobile app development trends that will dominate 2020.

Smartphones have become a lifeline for every individual. Living a few days without a mobile is a kind of bad dream for many. Even when mobile was first launched, no one realized it becomes a very vital part of our life. Today, more than half the population of the world are utilizing smartphones.

With the greater part of the total population engaged in mobile, there's been a consistent growth of mobile app development. From playing games to listening to music to placing an order for food or book a taxi, a mobile application has made our life more comfortable. This tremendous popularity of mobile apps makes for an open door for new businesses to emerge and make names through business applications.

In 2020, several mobile app development companies will make the most of the popular trends in mobile app development. So to make their task more manageable, here are some top app development trends to watch out in the coming year.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR)
There's an immense market for AR & VR. From games to online learning, augmented and virtual reality has made life easier. Prior, both AR and VR set used to be a costly proposition. But ever since they become popular, anyone can afford it.

The mobile industry is concentrating on the development of quicker and powerful devices. That is the reason why AR and VR are more likely to increase gigantic ground in the coming years.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Apps like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, etc have made our life much easier. They have simplified a lot of tasks like reading, sending messages, utilizing a camera, microphones, searching something for you, and even setting a reminder, because of their AI capabilities. The demand for AI development services is going to be much stronger in the coming years.
  • Customized Mobile Apps
The reason behind applications is to provide a spontaneous, simplified, and improved user experience. As choices change broadly, more organizations have begun going for customized mobile applications. Nowadays, tech giants like Amazon and Flipkart can only manage the cost of such applications to augment their sales. However, the small players are likewise investing as per their needs.
  • M-Commerce
Individuals love to work at ease. These days, given the busy schedule and way of life, it often becomes difficult for individuals to pay bills and do other important things. With the rise of M-commerce, more individuals are utilizing these apps for transactions over E-commerce apps.
  • Mobile Payment Methods
With the rise of M-commerce, making the payment has become a lot simpler. An advanced mobile app offers multiple payment gateway options. In the realm of the mobile industry, this could assist you with making your stand.
  • Wearable Apps
The market for wearable devices like health and fitness trackers or smartwatches is growing astonishing. This denotes a brilliant future for wearable applications industry. The wearable industry will be worth over 33 billion US dollars by the end of the coming year. To take advantage of these applications, make sure to look for mobile app development services in India.

Every single wearable device can be paired with smartphones. So with the growth of the smartphone industry, the demand for wearable app development services is likewise augmenting.

To sum up

These trends will dominate 2020, taking the mobile app development industry to a new height. If you want to choose any of these trends, ensure to hire a reputed and reliable mobile app development company that has the expertise to develop the perfect applications for your business. Find a reliable company and schedule time to converse with the experts. Once you clarify your necessities, they will be working solely on your vision by developing applications to enhance the manner in which your business works.


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