What Are The Key Features To Have a Taxi Booking App?

A myriad number of businesses have already begun offering services and products through mobile apps and witnessing success and the increase in the customer base by developing a mobile app for customers. Therefore, startups in different industries have also started developing mobile apps with essential features to provide a better user experience. The mobile apps are already gaining popularity in the taxi business, taxi service providers all over the world have begun building up a taxi app for customers and drivers. These apps incorporate various features, however, features for customers vary from features in the taxi driver app as the goal of utilizing the application is diverse for both customers and drivers.

The taxi booking app assists customers with booking a cab with just a few clicks. The application for driver-help the drivers to provide better service to the customers. The features in the app for the driver makes it easy to manage the bookings. The biggest benefit of the taxi app is that there is no need for a driver to search for the customers. The customer books the cab through application and the app notifies nearby drivers. The drivers are likewise given with an option to accept or reject the request for booking as per the convenience.

The taxi app helps streamline the whole procedure for booking a taxi. Majority of the startups are providing white label taxi booking app as it cost-effective and can speed up the launching process.

Below are some of the features that the service provider can include in the on-demand taxi booking app to offer a seamless experience to the customer.

Schedule Booking

The mobile app can give the best user experience by offering comfort. Additionally, in order to compete in the market, the taxi dispatch app ought to provide an alternative to the customers to schedule the ride. With this feature, customers can schedule the ride as per their convenience, the customers can likewise track the location of the driver and can estimate the time it will take to reach the pickup point. The customers are additionally given an option to make changes in the booking or cancel the ride. And the same features for drivers to confirm the booking or cancel it. The biggest benefit of booking a taxi through the app is that the customers need not have to worry about finding a taxi.

Payment Option

Giving an option for customers to make the payment online can offer convenience, furthermore, there is no need for customers to carry any cash while travelling to make a payment for the ride. The application can offer multiple payment options such as payment through credit and debit card, or wallet payment option.

Real-Time Tracking

The real-time tracking feature assists the driver to track the location of the customer for pickup. Similarly, customers can likewise track the location of the driver and get the estimation on the time of arrival of the driver. The real-time tracking has become a must-have feature in the on-demand taxi booking app as well as white label taxi app as it boosts the productivity of the application.

taxi booking app

5 important factors to keep in mind for creating a taxi booking app:
  • Impressive UI that will entice the app users
  • GPS facility is a vital feature in the app
  • Tracking the taxi ought to be of most extreme significance
  • An easy payment gateway is also essential in the taxi booking app
  • Notifications option
Benefits of the on-demand taxi app for businesses:

Efficiency: It increases the overall efficiency by simplifying various complex tasks of the business. Because these on-demand taxi apps are so easier to utilize and doesn't make any trouble for the operator that leads to a boost in business efficiency levels.

Opportunity to Get Higher Visibility: We have already seen how taxi apps like Uber, Lyft, Ola have outclassed the traditional taxi services. Now with customers more interesting in booking cabs through mobile applications, there’s every possibility that you might get higher visibility and get connected to more users.

Building a Brand for Your Business: Now you already know that companies like Uber, Lyft or Ola have established their reputation and goodwill in the market and therefore, becoming a brand. Having a taxi app for your business will allow the entrepreneur to follow the same footsteps and gradually they can come on the same platform.

Getting the Feedback from the Customer: You simply can't rule out the fact that the brand identity of your business to a great extent relies upon the feedback and customer response. This is a must-have feature for the taxi booking app. Regardless of whether you are offering a venerable service, you need to get the perspectives of the customers in the form of ratings & reviews.

Summing up
In this competitive business, it is essential to add some extraordinary and exciting features that will attract users to your taxi app. So, if you are a taxi service provider and want your business to grow at a rapid pace then you should include this must-have features in your application. Make sure your users can book a ride in just a couple of touch with a hassle-free process. If you want to start up your own business of taxi by developing your own taxi booking app then you should start looking for a reliable mobile app development company in India which can satisfy all your requirements.


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