Develop Your On-Demand Multi-Service App With a Gojek Clone App

The essential advantage of utilizing the Gojek clone is that it assists to develop a multi-service app like Gojek instantly and it would offer multiple on-demand services in a single platform. Services like food and grocery delivery, taxi service, beauty and salon service, plumbers & electricians, and several more are confined in a single application.

The demand for applications is growing significantly due to the rise in service needs. One app thus build-up can serve a single requirement of the customer at a time. Installing multiple apps is a waste of time and one does not need it. So why have many bulky applications when you have the power to get multiple services with just one application?

About GoJek

GoJek is an Indonesian based technological marvel that provides more than 20+ services with single app installation. Nadiem Makarim, a native Indonesian entrepreneur, founded Go-Jek in 2010. They introduced the GoJek app platform to their business. There was a steady growth in their business because of the app they introduced. Based on their application; many on-demand app development companies develop GoJek clone, which has over 50+ services.

Advantages of GoJek Clone App

The primary benefit of utilizing the GoJek clone source code would offer multiple on-demand services in a single platform. Services like food delivery, taxi service, courier and grocery delivery, and many more are confined in a single app. This application would replace multiple app utilization and save phone memory and time as well. This application is a platform with multiple services, so business owners acquire multiple revenues from all the services. Additionally, this platform attracts more customers and assists entrepreneurs to expand their business and generate more revenue.

gojek clone app

Features that must be included in your Gojek Clone app:

  • Ride: The customer ought to be able to hire a taxi or a cab as they please using the application. There ought to be alternatives that assist your customers to hire cabs based on their budgets.
  • Common Delivery: This part of the application will allow your customers to send parcels from one spot to another without much stretch.
  • Product Delivery: This is the part of the app utilizing which individuals can order food, grocery, pharmacy, alcohol, etc.
  • Services: Utilizing this part of the app, the customers will have the option to hire the services of various service providers such as doctor on demand, an electrician on demand, plumber on demand, etc.

Steps for improvising business with a GoJek clone app script

It's not an easy task to obtain customers' trust with a promise that you numerous types of assistance. Service satisfaction ought to be given as per the customers’ demands and future expectations. Advancement in technology always assists with settling the issues that exist already.

To build up the GoJek like app development, it is pivotal to create it using a powerful script. Strong scripts can perform multiple tasks like booking a taxi, assigning the fare, estimating the time of travel, and processing the payment. Likewise, it helps the developers to track future trends and update the application accordingly.

To be fruitful, it is fundamental to update according to the present world’s demands. The demands are high on the front of the app like Gojek. Also, the payment service, one among the various services, will be updated regularly as per any changes made by the government.

An app’s primary requirement is to function without any glitches. Thus, for this approach, it is essential to contact the best mobile app development company to develop applications with hybrid functionalities and cutting edge features.

To sum up

If you want to develop the GoJek clone app, XongoLab is a leading mobile app developing company to rely on us for your Gojek like app development. We guarantee to deliver a top-notch and feature-rich app for startups as well as entrepreneurs. All you need to do is get in touch with us and provide your ideas to customize the Gojek app clone for your requirements.


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